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4.15PM SAT 9 FEB 2019






Race start 4:15pm

Marshall at start by 15min before race time.

Register at race centre at San Remo Hotel Motel and pick up your race pack by 60min before race time.

Results announced 90min after race finish.

Begins on San Remo foreshore south of the pier for a 550m swim across the channel to Newhaven on Phillip Island at ebb tide. Don your shoes at the change station for a 2km run back over the bridge and up the road toward Anderson for a bit before turning back into town to finish in front of San Remo Hotel Motel.


Online before 6pm the day before

Adult $55       Junior $30       Team relay $80


At race centre on the day

Adult $65       Junior $40       Team relay $80

Prices include GST,  online entries are strongly encouraged and are open to 6pm day before event. Payment method for online entries is credit or debit card. If you do not have a credit or debit card, Australia Post provides a prepaid card service, please visit your nearest Post Office for details. Minimum competitor age is 15 years on the day of the event.



JM  Junior male 15 – 17

JF   Junior female 15 – 17

SM   Senior male 18+

SF   Senior female 18+

M40   Male 40+

F40   Female 40+

M50   Male 50+

F50   Female 50+

Team relay

TM   Male

TF   Female

TX   Mixed

Local resident

Must have permanent residential address in Bass Coast Shire

Age on day of event

Minimum competitor age is 15


Race time

4:15pm race start.


On foreshore, south  of San Remo pier by 15min before race time


At San Remo Hotel Motel 60min before race time to receive your  timing bracelet and coloured swimming cap (colour dictated by which category you enter). You will also hand over your transition area bag which contains your runners and any other belongings you require at completion of the swim leg in preparation for the run. Your transition bag will be transported to and from Newhaven before and after the race on your behalf. Your belongings can be collected from the registration area at the end of the race.

Participants will also receive a Race Pack which includes their  San Remo Channel Challenge T-shirt and other goodies.


Available approximately 60 minutes after race.


San Remo Channel Challenge boasts one of the largest pools of cash prizes and giveaways.

Overall event winner   $500

Senior 18+

First senior male + female   $500 each

Second senior male + female   $150 each

Third senior male + female   $100 each

First local senior male + female   $100 each

Second local senior male + female   $50 each

Junior 15 – 17

First junior male + female   $150 each

Second junior male + female   $75 each

Third junior male + female   $50 each

First local junior male + female   $100 each

Second local junior male + female   $50 each

40+, 50+ and swim

First 40+ male + female   $50 each

First 50+ male + female   $50 each

First male + female across the channel   $50 each

Team relay

First    Prize pack

First male + female    Prize pack each

Second male + female    Prize pack each

First mixed    Prize pack

Second mixed    Prize pack

First local    Prize pack

Second local    Prize pack

First local junior    Prize pack


  1. In an emergency during the swim leg, a swimmer will raise an arm overhead and call for or seek assistance from water safety personnel (Woolamai Beach SLSC lifesavers). Swimmers can accept flotation assistance without retiring from the event. Swimmers cannot receive propulsion assistance.
  2. Swimmers who require assistance via the Inflatable Rescue Boats (IRBs) or Rescue Jet Skis, will be returned to shore and automatically retire from the race.
  3. Swimmers must be 15 years or older on the day of the event to compete.
  4. Swimmers may use any stroke to propel themselves and may tread water or float.
  5. Swimmers must start in the wave corresponding with their cap colour as given to them at registration.
  6. A swimmer must be wearing the approved swim cap given to them at registration to start their swim. The swim cap can be removed once at the transition area on the Newhaven side of the channel.
  7. Participants must be wearing the transponder (timing bracelet) given to them at registration at all times during the swim and run.
  8. A swimmer shall not wear artificial propulsion devices of any kind including, but not limited to, fins/flippers, paddles, floatation devices or buoyancy suits of any kind. Wetsuits are permitted.
  9. Only those participants who have trained and feel competent to complete the event should enter the event.
  10. We recommend wetsuits and goggles be worn by swimmers.
  11. Each competitor will be issued with a transponder (timing bracelet) which they will be required to wear at all times during the race. It is the responsibility of competitors to ensure the transponders are securely fastened to them prior to entering and exiting the water. Non-returned or lost transponders will incur a $100 replacement charge.



Year 1st male 1st female
1986 Michael Gordon Katie Peart
1987 Mike McCoy Michelle Pett
1988 Andrew Musgrave Louise McIntyre
1989 Graeme Armstrong Louise McIntyre
1990 Tim Bentley Louise McIntyre
1991 Tim Bentley Julie Longshaw
1992 Jon Van Wisse Penny O’Connell
1993 Tim Bentley Penny O’Connell
1994 Jon Van Wisse Penny O’Connell
1995 Jon Van Wisse Penny O’Connell
1996 Simon Knowles Penny O’Connell
1997 Jon Van Wisse Penny O’Connell
1998 Tim Bentley Penny O’Connell
1999 Bryce Quirk Penny O’Connell
2000 Jon Van Wisse Penny O’Connell
2001 Bryce Quirk Penny (Reid) O’Connell
2002 Robert Harris Penny (Reid) O’Connell
2003 Bryce Quirk Penny (Reid) O’Connell
2004 Robert Harris Penny (Reid) O’Connell
2005 Bryce Quirk Vanessa Hentschel
2006 Chris Gemmel Kerry Lang (Scotland)
2007 Hamish Hunter Hannah Lineham
2008 Brett Cooper Penny (Reid) O’Connell
2009 Brett Cooper Grace Deveson
2010 Jamie Rhodes Holly Aitken
2011 Jamie Rhodes Holly Atken
2012 Ben Anderson Millicent Coote
2013 Ben Anderson Ashlee Diston
2014 Mitchell Kibby Grace Deveson
2015 Mitchell Kibby  Emma Armstrong
2016 Mitchell Kibby Emma Armstrong
2017 Nathan Buschkhuel Rebecca Henderson

Adult local

Year 1st local male 1st local female
1986 Peter Turner Jane Cameron
1987 Bill Yusko Kate Burt
1988 Bill Yusko Kate Burt
1989 Bill Yusko Helen Mathews
1990 Bill Yusko Jane Cameron
1991 Bill Yusko Jane Cameron
1992 Bill Yusko Jeanette Tyers
1993 Bill Yusko Jenny Hibble
1994 Gary Judd Jenny Hibble
1995 Peter Hollins Jane Cameron
1996 Peter Hollins Jane Cameron
1997 Peter Hollins Chantelle Sterland ?
1998 Peter Hollins Chantelle Sterland
1999 Peter Hollins Angela Davie
2000 Bill Yusko Chantelle Sterland
2001 Peter Hollins Kelly Avage
2002 Peter Hollins Kathy Doom
2003 Tiger Crus Page Bree Evans
2004 Brad Evans Stephanie McGrath
2005 Brad Evans Stephanie McGrath
2006 Brett Cooper Chloe Butt
2007 Mark Rowe Chloe Butt
2008 Mark Rowe Stephanie McGrath
2009 Mark Rowe Chloe Butt
2010 Mark Rowe Chloe Butt
2011 Mark Rowe Chloe Butt
2012 Tim Guille Chloe Butt
2013 Luke Plant Chloe Butt
2014 Luke Plant Chloe Butt
2015 Mark Rowe  Chloe Butt 
2016 Luke Plant Kara Landells
2017 Luke Plant Kaye-Helmot Georgia


Year 1st junior male 1st junior female
1987 Greg Collier
1988 Robert Sonogen
1989 Cameron Lunney
1990 Sean Conley Abigale Cleeland
1991 Sean Conley Karen Noble
1992 Jason Rowsell Gabrielle Browning
1993 Jason Rowsell Gabrielle Browning
1994 Matt Loback Angie Crean
1995 Tyrone McCarthy Louise O'Connell
1996 Jason Hewitt Louise O'Connell
1997 Peter Ramsey Sarah O'Connell
1998 Derek Lea Karen Hose
1999 Peter Riseley Sarah O'Connell
2000 Heath Lennie Kathy Blythe
2001 Heath Lennie Sarah O'Connell
2002 Andrew Birch Courtney Ford
2003 Brett Cooper Cathie Mitchell
2004 Brett Cooper Cathie Mitchell
2005 Brett Cooper Cathie Mitchell
2006 Ryan Smith Chloe Butt
2007 Ryan Smith Hannah Lineham
2008 Ryan Smith Sarah Crowe
2009 Ryan Smith Grace Deveson
2010 James Butler Grace Deveson
2011 James Bennett Millicent Coote
2012 Ben Anderson Laura Butler
2013 Ben Anderson Ashlee Diston
2014 Michael McGuire Ashlee Diston
2015 Max Williams Chelsea Gerrard
2016 Shane Strahhn Emily Goode
2017 Linus Mayes Rebecca Henderson

Junior local

Year 1st local junior male 1st local junior female
1996 Nathan Dunlop Chantelle Sterland
1997 Nathan Dunlop Joanne Stoopman
1998 Nathan Dunlop Jessica Daff
1999 Daniel Hoghton ? Kate Flentje
2000 Daniel Yusko Ainslee Burt
2001 Daniel Yusko Sarah Graham
2002 Brett Cooper Sarah Graham
2003 David McHenry Chloe Butt
2004 David McHenry Chloe Butt
2005 Jay Fowler Chloe Butt
2006 Lewis Kerr Chloe Butt
2007 Lewis Kerr Chloe Butt
2008 Luke Plant Chloe Butt
2009 Luke Plant Krystal Davie
2010 James Bennett Charlee Gough
2011 Michael Manteit Charlee Gough
2012 Michael Manteit Georgia Turner
2013 Beau Van Agtmall   Georgia Turner
2014 Xavier Hughes Georgia Turner
2015 Kai Lumsden Imigen Langford
2016 Jake Templar Olivia Hughes
2017 Kai Lumsden Mayson Vanderlolk

Over 40

Year 1st 40+ male 1st 40+ female
1987 Peter Maddigan
1988 Ian Mills Christine Rogers
1989 Noel Goldsworthy Dorothy James
1990 Robert Hosking Pam Duncan
1991 John Olsen Helen Lee
1992 Frank Hayes Earlene Kontogouris ?
1993 Graeme Armstrong Barbara Brooks
1994 Graeme Armstrong Vera Roberts
1995 Graeme Armstrong Lyn Leversha
1996 Graeme Armstrong Lyn Leversha
1997 Graeme Armstrong Lyn Leversha
1998 Graeme Armstrong Lyn Leversha
1999 Graeme Armstrong Jenny Cardwell
2000 Graeme Armstrong Vicki Cook ?
2001 Graeme Armstrong Karen Maitman Wood
2002 Graeme Armstrong Angie Davie
2003 Peter Bolton Lyn Leversha
2004 Peter Bolton Angie Davie
2005 Graeme Pitt Vicki Cook
2006 Chris Joustra Vicki Cook
2007 Thierry Rolland Lou Derricks
2008 Rob Fliesner Elizabeth Gosper
2009 Chris Andrew Elizabeth Gosper
2010 Aurel Wachter Debbie Rieley
2011 Rob Fleisner Debbie Rieley
2012 Rob Fleisner Bizzy Butterworth
2013 Aurel Watcher Debbie Rieley
2014 Aurel Watcher Andrea Olsen
2015 Aurel Watcher Bizzy Butterworth
2016 Cory Wood  Maryanne Liddell 
2017 Marcus Bond Emma Moore

First across the channel

Year 1st male swim  1st female swim 
1990 Robert Butcher Melita Godson
1991 Anthony Marcchesani Karen Noble
1992 John Van Wisse and Penny O’Connell
Sean Conley 
1993 John Ballard Penny O’Connell
1994 Adrian Radley Penny O’Connell
1995 Tyrone McCarthy Penny O’Connell
1996 Simon Knowles Penny O’Connell
1997 David Ashley Penny O’Connell
1998 Adam Beckworth Penny O’Connell
1999 Sam Hume Penny O’Connell
2000 Sam Hume Penny O’Connell
2001 Sam Hume Penny Reid (O’Connell)
2002 John Van Wisse Penny Reid (O’Connell)
2003 Robert Harris Penny Reid (O’Connell)
2004 Nicholas Humphrey Penny Reid (O’Connell)
2005 Nicholas Humphrey Penny Reid (O’Connell)
2006 Nicholas Humphrey Kerry Lang (Scotland
2007 Hamish Hunter Kate Lister
2008 Hamish Hunter and Hannah Tuohey ?
Jamie Rhodes
2009 Jamie Rhodes Grace Deveson
2010 Ryan Smith Penny Reid (O’Conn
2011 Jamie Rhodes Millicent Coote
2012 Sascha Bondarenko Emma Armstrong
2013 Ben Anderson Emma Armstrong
2014 Ben Anderson Emma Armstrong
2015 Mitchell Kibby Emma Armstrong 
2017 Kazimir Boskovic Nerice Smith
San Remo Channel Challenge